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Ensuring Quality Education for All Students and Families

I believe we have a wonderful school district with some of the best staff around. I want to ensure that we not only maintain our level of service but continue to grow from our experiences. I want to ensure that the district provides quality education focused on student success and that their families feel safe, valued, and included in this community. 

As the 2021 Public Health Achievement award winner for Dakota Co, I will focus on balancing public health and education during a pandemic. We all know that most children learn best in the classroom and that the pandemic's disruptions over the last 18 months have only increased disparities in students' learning opportunities. As we respond to the current situation, it is important to open the lines of communication and involve the community in recovery planning.  

A woman wearing glasses with brown hair and blue streaks smiles for the camera. She is wearing a sequined top and black cardigan.

Endorsed by the Teachers of ISD 196

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