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Caucus and Convention

2024 District 52 caucus and convention is coming up! Caucuses are a great opportunity to meet your neighbors and help shape the priorities of the DFL party. I need your support at caucus and at the convention to make sure we receive the DFL endorsement this election. 

Interested in helping? 

1. Show up to the caucus on February 27th and SIGN UP to become a delegate to the District 52 DFL Convention. 

2. Show up to the April 13th District 52 DFL Convention and vote to ENDORSE Bianca Virnig! 

It's as simple as that! 

Caucus and Convention Key Dates

February 27

Precinct Caucuses 

  • Doors open at 6:30PM, caucus starts at 7:00PM

  • Location: Black Hawk Middle School, 1540 Deerwood Drive, Eagan

April 13

Senate District 52 DFL Convention

  • Registration start time 9:00AM, Convention call to order 10:00AM

  • Eagan High School, 4186 Braddock Trail, Eagan 

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